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Why choose Nuvoo as your partner in the world of crypto currency.

Nuvoo offers you a smart and easy way to take your first step into the crypto world. The Bitcoin mining system is ideal for beginners.

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Cost Of Cooling

Our data center is in tundra climate zone where cooling is not an issue, 10 months a year, with some of the lowest temperatures recorded.

Waiting for Delivery

You are losing days and even weeks of precious mining time. The hardware that you will purchase is already dropping in value. Start mining immediately!

Best Up-time

We strive to provide 100% up-time and the best support this industry can offer.

No Loud Noise

Hardware is at a remote location, you don’t have to deal with loud noises.

One Time Fee

Price of the hardware is paid one-time when purchasing the contract.

Low Electricity Rates

Our data center has lowest electricity rates possible and 100% green.

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations

Nuvoo offers the opportunity to jump in the cryptocurrency industry without any experience. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Start earning from mining immediately.