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Why Choose Us

Why choose Nuvoo as your partner in the world of crypto currency.

Our Mission

Our primary focus is to offer cost effective solutions to cryptocurrency hobbyists and professionals.
We have the conviction our enterprise can follow you in the adventure or cryptocurrency.

Our Community and our Offer

Always listening members of our community. We studied cryptocurrencies and we formed a team of experts to lead this project with success.   NuVoo’s philosophy is to enroll the best leaders in the cryptocurrency industry and to have them available to the community. Located in Quebec, Canada, the Nuvoo farm is accessible to members 24/7 and they have access to a french technical support, which is an exclusivity in the industry.

For who?

Nuvoo offers you a smart and easy way to take your first step into the crypto world. The Bitcoin mining system is ideal for beginners. Our system also offers solutions for experts and large-scale entrepreneurs from one unit farm to multiple tier-1 home dedicated mining farm.